About Woolson Friends

Close Up of Corn Field

Christ-Centered, Biblical Messages

Woolson Friends is a country church with deep roots in the Pekin Community.  We care deeply about supporting our neighbors both near and far.  We actively support the Pekin Ministerial Association, Take Away Hunger, missionaries, Operation Shoe Box, Richland VBS and The Lord's Cupboard.  

We are a mix of people from various backgrounds all moving forward in Christ.

Our Beliefs

We consider the scriptures to be God's written revelation to all and the Holy Spirit to be the ultimate guide in experiencing the Risen Christ and His will for our lives as witnessed to us directly and in partnership with the Bible.  

While we are historically "Friends," we consider ourselves, first and foremost, disciples of Jesus Christ as described in the scriptures.  

We accept, teach and apply the truths in the scriptures as preeminent in our lives.

Praying Together

Our Pastor


Kevin Rohr

Ohio raised and Iowa corn fed.  Kevin and Jody, and family, moved to Iowa in 2016 to pastor Pleasant Plain and Woolson Friends.